Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Book now for any of my monthly courses on relevant nutrition topics chosen by my website followers!  Each course is 60 minutes in length and includes a course handout, self-assessment tools, menu guides and recipes. Watch live on Zoom, or get the video link afterward to watch at your convenience

Sessions will be presented live on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 12-1:30pm CST.

12/9/20 Winterize your body from the inside out! Use nutrition and lifestyle habits to THRIVE in the winter season. 

1/13/21 What eating plan is right for me? Pros and Cons of popular diet recommendations, plus self-assessments and the top nutrition trends for the New Year.


2/10/21 Nutrition for Women's Health Concerns.  Nutrients of concern, disease prevention, hormonal balance and more! Complete self-assessments to evaluate personal risk factors and problem areas

3/10/21 Macros to Micros. Am I meeting my needs?

Assess your personal needs for carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, minerals and trace elements.  Learn how to analyze your usual dietary intake and fill in any gaps. Discover how to change eating patterns to manage appetite and energy levels. 

4/7/21* Nutrition-boosting ingredients, foods and beverages. Clearing up the confusion. 

     Protein powders, nutrition bars, enhanced water and other                  beverages. Learn about different ingredients on the food labels.          Also, how do herbs and spices boost nutrition? Find out in this          month's webinar! Recipes included.

5/12/21 Healthy Summertime Eating. Nutrition tips, food safety guidelines, and healthy, tasty food and beverage swaps. Recipes provided! Sign up today.

*note change in date for April- first Wednesday of the month.

Healthy assortment of yellow foods